Charity information

Kick London

Kick London aims to “Transform young people’s lives through football”, combining football and life skills, underpinned by Christian values. Founded in 2003, Kick London now works in 28 schools in 6 London Boroughs, focused around Richmond and Croydon. The success of Kick London’s work over the past 5 years has led the trustees to set the objective of “reaching 30,000 young people per week in London by 2012 through football”, across all 33 London Boroughs.

Kick London’s charitable activities are mainly weekend academies and ad hoc events. Kick London started as a church based charity with a view to providing an alternative form of Sunday school to young people ‘where they are’ (or where they might prefer to be) on a Sunday morning i. E. On a football pitch. We see the development of our church based work as a crucial means of supporting the church, reaching both churched and un-churched children. We believe that a growing, financially sustainable charity can be developed by integrating the charitable activities and mission, to a professional environment, that pays Kick London for its services. It should be clearly noted, that even where Kick London is being paid for sessions by schools, the charitable objectives of Kick London are being met, through the delivery of football and life-skills, underpinned by Christian values.

Founded 2003