Retrak - Inspiring Street Children

Retrak - Inspiring Street Children

Charity information

Retrak - Inspiring Street Children

Retrak works to enable children in Africa to have a real alternative to life on the streets.

Founded 1994

  • Mission statement

    Retrak is a charity which reaches out to these vulnerable children to provide them with the food, medicine, clothing, hygiene and shelter which they desperately need. Beyond this, Retrak works hard to tackle the reasons why
    children end up on the streets - this means helping families to heal rifts, enabling children to complete their education or gain a vocational qualification and providing children and parents with the means to earn a substantial income. This long-term approach helps to make sure
    that children never have to go back to living on the street, and it works; to date more than three-quarters of the children helped by Retrak have remained at home with their families.

  • Aims

    Retrak - Inspiring Street Children aims to:

    • Healthcare, refuge, education, emplyment opportunities and sports.
    • Long term care as street children discover their identity and purpose.
    • Support children in the transition to a self sustaining life in the community.
    • A voice that speaks up on behelf of the children we work with.
    • Foster care placements and/or resettlement to their family/community of origin.
  • Overview

    Established: January 1994

    Registered Charity Number: 1122799

    Phone number: 0161 485 6685

    Address: Retrak, 5th Floor, Pall Mall Court, 61-67 King Street, Manchester M2 4PD

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