Gihon Spring Foundation

Gihon Spring Foundation

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Gihon Spring Foundation

Gihon Spring Foundation is a Christian Charity set up to promote the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Charity will distribute the profits and donations collected to support Christians and Christian ministries. People and projects to be supported may be located locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. All will be investigated and prayerfully evaluated before funding is provided, in accordance with Gihon Spring Foundation applications and approvals procedures.

The underlying principles used to determine approval of donations to projects are :

• Classification 1 - Supporting Christian Church Ministries and other Christian organizations serving within their local community.

• Classification 2- Equipping, training and supporting Christian workers and their work.

• Classification 3 - Supporting International Ministries and Missionaries.

• Classification 4 - Production and Distribution of Christian Literature.

Founded 2007