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New Writing North

Founded in 1996, New Writing North is the regional development agency for writing in the north east of England. It has established an unrivalled reputation for the equality and originality of its work across all forms of literature, from poetry, fiction and playwriting to podcasting and publishing.

We have a long record of delivering complex and high profile partnerships with commercial, charitable, educational and public organisations.

We run wide-ranging education and community projects, which involve the development of creative projects with writers and young people, both inside and outside of schools. Our work in this area encompasses both the literacy and creativity agenda and increasingly seeks to explore enterprise and social mobility. We have worked with individual schools, with groups of schools, with Creative Partnerships and with Local Education Authorities to set up and deliver large-scale projects to take place, which benefit a wide range of young people. We are currently working on a project with Newcastle City Council and Newcastle University that will explore the impact of creative writing activity on a pyramid of schools in the city over a 3-year period.

Outside of school time we also run projects both for keen young writers (through which we develop their work and publish/perform it) and with harder to reach young people (in 2007 we produced two films with groups of young people in Newcastle and Stockton as part of a MediaBox project).

Founded 1996

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