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Foundation of Nursing Studies

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Foundation of Nursing Studies

FoNS enables nurses and nurse-led healthcare teams to provide care that meets the needs of patients and is based on best evidence by helping them to develop and share new ways of improving healthcare practice.

FoNS values nurses’ and their role in providing high quality and compassionate care. We take a practical hands-on approach by working with nurses, valuing their expertise and helping them engage with and understand the needs of patients and carers. With funding and facilitation from FoNS, nurses make significant improvements to their practice and the patient’s experience of care.

Over the last five years FoNS has:
• Developed and delivered practice development programmes which have enabled 55 nurse-led teams across the UK to make sustainable improvement to patient care.
• Rewarded 8 nurse-led teams for excellence and innovation.
• Edited and disseminated its unique publishing series to all NHS Trust and nursing medical library, ensuring the process and outcomes of all the projects and initiatives can be shared and transferred across practice and disciplines.
• Provided a central resource for sharing practice based development and research activity through its website and e-newsletter.
• Launched a new and exciting web area for individuals to access a live database for networking and a range of learning opportunities.

• In Wolverhampton, a ward sister was supported by FoNS to lead a practice development approach to reducing healthcare associated infection rates on a vascular ward. By involving the whole ward team from healthcare assistants to consultants a significant reduction on infection rate was achieved and a more responsive attitude and culture to practice change emerged.

• A collaborative project supported by FoNS between a cancer charity and an NHS Trust in the south-west focused on using art and creativity to support people with cancer. The work had a significant impact on those involved…’in relation to my cancer, participating in art is not going to cure me, but it’s fun. It’s given me a new interest and purpose. It’s given a new dimension and quality to my life…’

• Nurses participating in a programme to implement guidelines for thrombosis prevention learnt about different approaches for successfully changing practice and ensured that patient experience was improved by taking advantage of shared learning opportunities.

Founded 1987