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Forever Searching

Forever Searching is a global group whose whole purpose for existing is to raise awareness to individual child abductions throughout the world. Thanks to the power of the internet and to the sheer determination and passion of the group members who have come together from many different parts of the world - Forever Searching are able to target several countries simultaneously with their ongoing awareness campaign.

The group also supports the families of the missing children, in respect of raising awareness in the Government arena, of various issues that the family need assistance in bringing to fruition, such as the amber alert system throughout Europe. We are also keen to expand our support to the families of the missing, by offering counselling services and by supplying posters and a web-page for their missing loved ones.

Founded 2007

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    Established: September 2007

    Phone number: 01892 730368

  • Missing Persons 6 x 4 Posters

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