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Norfolk Wildlife Trust

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Norfolk Wildlife Trust

At Norfolk Wildlife Trust we’re committed to protecting and enhancing Norfolk’s wildlife and wild places, and we’ve been doing it for 80 years. We’re working towards a county where :

a high quality, sustainable environment for people and wildlife comes first

the future of wildlife is secured through sympathetic management across large areas of land

people appreciate, understand and are reconnected with their wildlife heritage

To achieve this we

own and care for over 40 nature reserves and protected sites

have a significant influence over the rest of Norfolk through our input into the planning system and the advice we offer landowners

engage people of all ages and background in their natural heritage through a wide range of learning opportunities

Norfolk Wildlife Trust is the UK’s oldest wildlife trust. From humble beginnings in 1926, with the purchase of NWT Cley Marshes, we have expanded to an organisation overseeing 3500 hectares of wildlife habitat

Founded 1926


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