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Charity information


Moray Art Centre is a non-profit, centre for the arts running an annual local and international programme of exhibitions, events, classes and art residencies. The environmentally built and designed centre is situated in the unique landscape of Findhorn Bay, Moray. Internally the new centre has been planned to be a vibrant and motivating environment which allows people to meet, discuss and generate a community of creativity. The centre has three rentable teaching studios, four individual artist studios, a Community Gallery with meeting and study areas, and a main hi-spec gallery. The centre will provide:

-An active schedule of regional and international art exhibitions/lectures
-Diverse classes; regular art courses and events
-Young Persons Programme; Workshops, special events and arts courses, tailored to individual and groups’ needs
-Artist in Residence programme; with accompanying exhibition/lecture
-Special Events; conferences, symposia and lectures with corresponding teaching exhibitions and available for hire for events.
-Outreach: sending our “road show”, “Art for the Terrified! ”
-Professional artist’s training
-Arts reference library

To create an inspired environment within a centre for visual art education and appreciation that attracts and uses the high-level development of national & international artists from many art forms in order to immerse artists, teachers and students in an intense, up-lifting atmosphere of pioneering thought and creativity.
Away from pressures created by the urban marketplace, talented and inspired artists of all forms will teach the visual arts. This rich cross-disciplinary, cross-pollinating environment will teach by inspiration and osmosis, as well as by technical means. We wish to impart the motivation, skills and passion needed to revitalise beauty for our next generation of artists and especially teachers encompassing, aesthetics, art history, art therapeutic techniques and practical skills.
We work to reclaim our visceral reactions to the arts, in addition to an intellectual understanding, to rise above the polar distinctions such as ‘avant-garde’ or ‘traditional’.

-To put Beauty back as central in the study and achievement in drawing and painting
-To question, explore and find the highest beauty of our time
-To create an encouraging environment in which artists and students can evolve and flourish at their own pace away from market trends, fashion and critical intimidation
-To encourage students to express their uninhibited reactions to art while developing personal taste, where originality and innovation will be a natural result of study and work, not a self-conscious intention or an aim in itself
-To create a new centre for visual art (drawing, painting, sculpture) and art therapy in which aesthetics are the centre of our curriculum: technical skills, art history and the study of beauty
-To create a new way in which to view and enjoy art; a new context in which the gallery space, being more like a sitting room or chapel, can be used to bring real satisfaction and learning

Founded 1998

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