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OneVoice Movement

The OneVoice Movement is an international mainstream grassroots movement that aims to amplify the voice of Israeli & Palestinian moderates, seizing back the agenda for conflict resolution

Founded 2006

  • Mission statement

    The OneVoice Movement is an international mainstream grassroots movement with over 650,000 signatories in roughly equal numbers both in Israel and in Palestine, and almost 2,500 highly-trained youth leaders. It aims to amplify the voice of the overwhelming but heretofore silent majority of moderates who wish for peace and prosperity, empowering them to demand accountability from elected representatives and work toward a two-state solution guaranteeing an end to occupation and violence, and a viable, independent Palestinian state at peace with Israel. It does this not by appealing to the traditional left-wing peace constituency, but to proud, patriotic Israelis and Palestinians who recognise- through enlightened self interest- the need to engage and negotiate with the other side in order to secure the best interests of their respective peoples.

    Started in May 2006, OneVoice Europe was set up with two main missions. The first: to fundraise to support the work being led by young Israeli and Palestinian OneVoice volunteers towards conflict resolution in the Middle East. The second: to bring the sentiments and expertise they had developed to help combat polarisation amongst the pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian communities in Europe and, beyond this, to engage peoples’ energy and passion over Israel-Palestine away from hatred and towards helping moderates in the region, to end occupation and all forms of violence and find a way out of the conflict.

  • Aims

    OneVoice Movement aims to:

    • We aim to empower & amplify the voices of Israeli and Palestinian moderates, equipping them with the skills necessary to seize back the agenda for conflict resolution, and build a two state solution.
  • Overview

    Established: February 2006

    Registered Charity Number: 1114114

    Board members: 8

    Full time staff: 3

    Volunteers: 1

    Phone number: 07595605220

    Address: OneVoice Europe The City Arc, 89 Worship Street London, EC2A 2BF

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