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Welfare Association

The Welfare Association is an international, non-governmental, non-political, non-religious organisation established in 1993. It is constituted under a Memorandum and Articles of Association incorporated on 13th April 1993 and is registered with the Charity Commission and with Companies House (as a company limited by guarantee and without share capital. ) The charity’s main objects are:

‘The advancement of education, the relief of sickness and the protection and preservation of health and the relief of poverty for the benefit of inhabitants of Palestine, Israel, Lebanon and Jordan (and in particular the communities in the West Bank and Gaza areas. )’

Welfare Association has undertaken emergency humanitarian relief work as conditions have deteriorated dramatically in the last couple of years. However the trustees prefer to meet the objectives of the charity by supporting the most vulnerable communities and the most marginalised sectors of society with longer term sustainable development programmes where possible. In line with the charity's aims and objectives and the priorities set by the trustees, and on the basis of a process of continuous needs assessment in consultation with local communities and local partners, projects are designed in the field and subsequently discussed and approved by the trustees.

The activities currently carried out by the charity can be broadly categorised in the following groups of programmes:

• Health programmes – in co-operation with hospitals in East Jerusalem, community-based rehabilitation programme in Gaza, needs assessment for water & sanitation programme in Gaza, psychosocial interventions and upgrading of recreational facilities

• Education programmes: includes inclusive education, and training programmes supporting children with disabilities in Lebanon, schools health programme in Palestine. A component of training and capacity building runs through many of our programmes with the aim of upgrading skills and self-sustainability when the programme ends

• Other sustainable development programmes with most vulnerable people: includes the development of agriculture in West Bank and Gaza (food security programme)

• Emergency humanitarian relief programmes in Palestine and Lebanon: includes installation of a new sewage network in Gaza, the ongoing Gaza emergency appeal and emergency support for Lebanon

• Small UK education programme: awareness-raising within the UK of our programmes and the situation affecting our project beneficiaries overseas.

Founded 1993

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