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The people at the heart of our mission, the world’s very poorest people, are hidden by the devastating statistics which surround poverty. Approximately one billion people go to bed hungry each night. 3 in every 10 children do not live to see their 5th birthday. 3 million people die each year from AIDS in Africa. But each of these enormous figures obscures the reality. That each is a single life, with dreams, aspirations and the hugest potential. We believe in looking behind the numbers, drawing upon the ingenuity and resourcefulness of extremely poor people and seeing their intrinsic ability to make real and dramatic changes to their own lives.

Concern Worldwide is an international humanitarian organisation founded in Ireland in 1968. Dedicated to finding lasting solutions to global poverty and hunger, our vision is a world where no one lives in poverty, fear or oppression.
Over the past 40 years Concern Worldwide has responded to the needs of the very poorest communities. In 2007 our special projects reached 30 million people in 28 countries. Whether in emergencies or working longer-term to make sustainable change possible for entire communities, Concern Worldwide focuses on helping the very poorest people to find innovative and practical ways to make a difference to their own lives.

In emergencies, such as floods, earthquakes or civil wars, we provide life-saving assistance to people affected. Listening to the needs of communities means we are able to provide help that can really make a difference. In Darfur we work with people who have been forced to flee their homes and are living in camps. Women told us of the dangers they face when leaving the camps to find firewood for cooking, so we provided them with fuel-efficient stoves – a simple but effective way of minimising some of the risks they face.

Through our long term development programmes we address the underlying causes and effects of poverty. We provide basic healthcare and education, and build the capacity of local health and education systems. We provide support to poor families to help them access food and income on a sustainable basis, and provide support to people affected by HIV and AIDS.
By 2010 Concern Worldwide plans to double the number of beneficiaries we can reach and help. We need your support to make this possible.
Concern is all about people. We see the potential in the people we work with – they are the ones who know best what their problems are, and often, how best to solve them.

We see a world of potential. With your help we can make it a world without poverty.

Founded 1968

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