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London Lishi Arts

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London Lishi Arts

London Lishi Arts is a registered charity that aims to promote education through Chinese movement and dance activities that also enhance health and wellbeing.

Founded 1930

  • Mission statement

    London Lishi Arts establishes, promotes and delivers community classes teaching traditional arts from China. Lishi is short for Weihai Lishi Quanfa which means that it is an activity similar to Tai Chi 'Quan', it comes from 'Weihai' in the Shandong region of China and was passed through generations of people with the family surname 'Li'.

    The charity was founded in London by Professor Chan Kam Li in the 1930s and continued by Professor Chee Soo. The first Lishi class was established in London at Red Lion Square in the early 1930's so a proud tradition continues.

    London Lishi Arts is open to young people and adults from all backgrounds and aims to improve people's health and quality of life using traditional Chinese theory and practise as the tool to do so. The Lishi method has continued for thousands of years because it works and recent external evaluations of projects based on Lishi have proven it still works (and is needed more) in todays hectic world.

  • Aims

    London Lishi Arts aims to:

    • To improve the education, health and well being of people living in London.
    • To increase the number of people participating and teaching Lishi in London.
    • To keep the heritage and tradition of Lishi alive for future generations to benefit from.
  • Overview

    Established: January 1930

    Registered Charity Number: 1114627

    Board members: 3

    Volunteers: 6

    Phone number: +44 7932 001089


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