Hertfordshire Community Foundation

Hertfordshire Community Foundation

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Hertfordshire Community Foundation

Established in 1988, Hertfordshire Community Foundation exists to tackle deprivation in Hertfordshire. It is currently the largest non-statutory grant giver into the county and has issued nearly £4 million in grant aid in the last 5 years.

By creating a culture of giving, Hertfordshire Community Foundation changes people’s lives, for the better. We help to build stronger, safer communities by encouraging local giving to target need and deprivation. We enable individuals, families and companies to support their local community in a rewarding and cost effective way.

The Foundation’s awareness and understanding of local needs and our expertise in assessing local groups and projects, combine to ensure that funding reaches those groups who will be able to use it well. In the right hands, even a small grant can make a big impact.

Our work to support local causes is delivered in several ways:

- by commissioning high quality research to identify and help meet the need in Hertfordshire

- by providing a tailored philanthropy and grant making service for local individuals, families and companies

- by distributing targeted grant aid to local community and voluntary groups.

Founded 1988