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Conquer & Learn

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Conquer & Learn

Conquer & Learn aims to advance the psychological and social development of children and young adults by the provision of additional support in school or the workplace.

Founded 2004

  • Mission statement

    At Conquer & Learn we believe that every child can contribute and be an active member within the family, at school and in the community. Where young people experience a disconnection, social communication difficulties, it is our job to connect and make whole: to empower Every Child to achieve their true potential and lead happier and more fulfilled lives.

    Our aims are: (1) to raise awareness in mainstream schools and local communities of the strategies and action which enhance and improve social communication, social understanding and social thinking; and (2) to provide parents, teachers and friends with the appropriate knowledge, understanding and skills to facilitate social communication within the family, school and socially among friends.

  • Aims

    Conquer & Learn aims to:

    • Conquer & Learn is a charitable organisation that aims to help young people with social and communication difficulties through appropriate guidance.
  • Overview

    Established: January 2004

    Registered Charity Number: 1107821

    Board members: 3

    Volunteers: 5

    Phone number: 0779 365 6225

    Address: 68d Fordwych Road London, NW2 3TH

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