Charity information


We are the Oxford branch of SSSK, which currently has seven branches across different unviersities and schools. We have two main aims:
(1) To raise awareness about the plight of the millions of children all over the world who have to live and work on the streets, struggling to survive, extremely vulnerable, and missing out on happy and safe childhoods.
(2) To raise funds for charities working with street children internationally that SSSK has committed to support financially, projects chosen because members of SSSK have worked directly with them.

Large international charities campaigning on global issues get a lot of publicity and receive substantial donations because of it. That is just as it should be: the world needs to wake up and work purposefully to combat poverty, disease, environmental crisis, and change trade rules. But at the other end of the scale, not on the global arena but locally and individually, are problems just as deep and in need of urgent attention. 'Students Supporting Street Kids' is not one of those big charities and the work we do will not change the entire world. The children for whom we exist do not feature in the news. They will not be helped today by improved trade rules, and for some of them tomorrow will be too late. Street children have fallen through the nets of government programs and many charitable initiatives, and tragically end up as the most vulnerable people in their societies, becoming victims of abuse, drugs, lack of education and healthcare, starvation, and countless other problems we can only guess at.

Please see our website for details of the charities we support.

Founded 1998