St. George's Association

St. George's Association

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St. George's Association

St. George's Association works with vulnerable adults, particularly people with learning and or physical disabilites, in Gloucestershire. The Charity has a range of services including a residential care home, supported living and a domiciliary service which works with people in their own homes.

St. George's also has an organic cafe called George's Organics; which provides day opportunities for people in need of support who would like work experience in either a kitchen or cafe environment. The top two floors of this building accommodate 'Windows' which is a small day care service. Here a range of activities can be enjoyed including jewellery, needlework and crafts.

The people suported by the charity are actively involved in all aspects of the developing the services which may include the recruitment of staff, quality monitoring and environmental issues. We aim to support people to have to have their full rights of citizenship and become valued and active members of the community.

Founded 1895

  • George's Organics Development

    To fund a development worker to support service users to provide outside catering activiti... More