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The Noor Foundation UK

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The Noor Foundation UK

The Noor Foundation UK is a UK registered charity that has been establishing free kidney dialysis centres and giving free kidney dialysis treatment to poor and needy sufferers since 1998, the first focus being in Pakistan.

Since 1998 we have established 17 free kidney dialysis centres in Pakistan and we now deliver some 5,000 free kidney dialysis treatments each month.

The average wage in Pakistan is £400 a year, yet the cost of dialysis is £3,000 per year. What this means is that these poor patients cannot afford treatment so they simply sie.

Our mission is that no poor and needy person should die due to lack of kidney dialysis services or lack of funds.

We intend to open 30 free kidney dialysis centres by 2010.

Please please give generously.

Please be assured, as always that 100% of your donation goes directly towards the cost of providing life-saving equipment and treatment as all expenses (travel, marketing, advertising, printing etc) are personally bourne by the volunteers of the Noor Foundation UK.

To view our work, please view our online documentary http://www. Noorfoundation. Org/media

Founded 1998