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Noise Abatement Society

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Noise Abatement Society

The Noise Abatement Society

Noise is the forgotten pollutant. The hundreds of complaints we receive each week demonstrate it is an invisible killer. Our nation is suffering from an uncontrolled acceleration of noise in today’s society with little effective help to fight it. Imposed excessive noise from sirens, neighbour-noise, train-horns, reversing alarms, traffic, car-stereos, cinema speakers, pubs-clubs, street-noise all contribute to an accumulation of stress related damage to our health.

The Noise Abatement Society formed in 1959, is a voluntary, non-profit making organisation created with the sole purpose of eliminating excessive and unnecessary noise from all sources.
We campaigned the Noise Abatement Act through Parliament in 1960 and played a large part in the noise sections of the Control of Pollution Act 1974, the Environmental Protection Act of 1990, the Noise and Statutory Nuisances Act 1993, the Noise Act 1996, helped introduce codes of conduct, codes of practice and is represented on the Department of the Environment Noise Forum.

It is completely independent and non-political, supported by members’ subscriptions and donations. Membership is both corporate and individual.

The society actively campaigns in the press, on radio and television and takes all possible steps under existing law to protect the public in general and members of the society in particular, from assault by noise. Informs the public by every means of the dangers of noise to health and of their legal rights against those who create noise.

Encourages teaching at all levels in schools and the media that noise is serious, and unnecessary. That perpetrators cause suffering and damage to themselves and to others, that excessive noise seriously affects mental and physical health and reduces efficiency in every field of human endeavour.

Encourages research into methods and ideas for reducing noise from engines, machinery and appliances.

Manufacturers now use “QUIET” as a major selling point in their advertising and sales literature.

Founded 1959