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Home-Start Fylde

Home-Start is a voluntary organisation which selects, recruits and trains volunteers to go into the homes of vulnerable families within the Fylde area of Lancashire to offer support , friendship and practical help in a non judgemental way in whatever area the families are in need.

The only criteria is that the family must have at least one child under the age of 5 years, then once registered with us we will support the whole family unit, irrespective of the amount or ages of other siblings.

To set up this charity we must raise around £60,000 annually which will fund one paid organiser, a part time administrator , volunteer's training, office furniture/equipment and rental for an office base etc.. This is based on the criteria of Home-Start UK , the national organisation which supports and helps all regional schemes set up throughout the whole of the UK and the British Forces in Germany and Cyprus.

Home-Start Fylde is still a steering group at this stage, not an opperating scheme, and the AGM will be held within the next 12 months as we have only just become a charity and a Co. Ltd by Guarantee.

We are desperately seeking funding to enable us to set up as a working scheme, recruit volunteers and then begin to help all those families in our area who are in so much need of help, friendship and support.

We need YOUR help so than we can help families.

Founded 2008

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