The PACE Trust

The PACE Trust

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The PACE Trust

There are 2 key areas as follows;
1, Pastoral Care Work
The main focus of the work is to give support, encouragement and pastoral care to pupils at a school, to improve pupils' self esteem and their relationship to other members of the school community. This work builds on the caring relationships that already exist between many staff, pupils and their parents.

Rationale of Pastoral Care Work:

Need for children/young people to be engaged in school life and integrated into learning
Enable teachers to focus on teaching
Enable school management to focus on managing

2, schoolswork
The key aim of the schools work is to present Christian teaching in an engaging way that educates and challenges the hearer. This is achieved in the following ways:
Assemblies: Since September 07 the school workers have taken over 80 Assemblies in junior and secondary schools speaking to over 12,000 pupils about different topics.
RElessons: The school workers have taken a series of 16 lessons in schools.
R. E Conference: The PACE Trust was invited to attend the ‘R. E Conference’ days in Bournemouth to meet many of the R. E Coordinators from schools in both Poole and Bournemouth. Since September 2007 PACE has been written into the Borough RE Curriculum
Evaluating Schoolsworkers: The Trust was also asked by the Borough of Poole to assess and upgrade the quality of other visiting speakers who go in to schools.
Christian Unions/IMPACT: PACE support school Christian Unions by training and equipping CU leaders and students.


Founded 1994