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Haworth Cat Rescue

Haworth Cat Rescue provides shelter and medical care to abandoned and unwanted cats, and provides them with a second chance through its rehoming services. There are now no branches of a national cat charity in Keighley, Bradford or Leeds. That leaves independent groups like Haworth Cat Rescue alone to cope with the burden of two large cities and several towns.

We are doing out best to manage a list of around 275 cats waiting to come in, coupled with 15plus calls per day asking us to help, a decline in donations, a decline in people wanting to offer homes to cats but an increase in people allowing their cats to breed: All this with 17 homing pens, no head office - so no central funding - and no Government or National Lottery funding. Without us, there would be an even bigger gap in the county's animal welfare infrastructure leading to more animal suffering and human distress when we cannot help callers seeking our assistance.

Yorkshire ranks No2 in England and Wales for animal cruelty convictions. Haworth Cat Rescue has a no-kill policy. As well as helping abandoned cats and strays, we also help owners find new loving homes for their pets. Home repossession, dementia, serious or terminal illness, a move into a care home, a child with an allergy - these a just a few of the many reasons people turn to us at times of great stress.

We take care of cats with medical conditions such as diabetes and will continue to pay vets bills for such pre-existing medical conditions after adoption. Cats are often the last companion of the elderly – and a lifeline to the lonely, the marginalised and depressed.

Animal welfare in the county is poorly served. We are fundraising not only to continue to keep our doors open but to establish a large and permanent Cat Homing Centre to serve the need in West Yorkshire and ensure that the long term future is brighter.

We are striving to restore recognition of the special bond between animals and people, and engender responsible citizenship and pet ownership. Cats are in crises in West Yorkshire and they need your help.

Founded 1992

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