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WaterHarvest helps the poorest families in the most remote and inhospitable parts of Rajasthan, India, to fight water poverty. We work with communities to capture and keep monsoon rainwater so they have enough & safe water to drink all year round. We improve family sanitation and hygiene by securing government funds for toilets while educating parents and children. We also give them the means to make a living by growing food & cattle fodder so they not only survive but thrive.

Founded 1987

  • Mission statement

    WaterHarvest is an international charity working to bring water and dignity to the poorest people in rural Rajasthan, India. Our work is based on the conviction that everyone has the right to clean, easily accessible water, food and shelter, good hygiene and sanitation. As a small but focused charity we are able to remain with the people, helping communities to grow and sustain themselves, leaving our work to replicate in other villages. We remain close enough to aid the growth process or be available in emergency, and have worked with around 50 villages for almost 30 years. We work very much in partnership: with the family receiving the benefit of our work who also contributes either labour of funds to the work; our trusted local NGO partner working in the communities on a daily basis; other ethically checked groups interested in supporting the communities; and even support the leveraging of funds from the government. We are very focused on the impact of our work and seek to make a lasting and sustainable difference to current and future generations.

  • Aims

    WaterHarvest aims to:

    • BUILDING TO CAPTURE AND RETAIN WATER Building water structures to capture monsoon rain water that can be kept clean for drinking in the community and by retaining moisture in fields improving yield
    • BUILDING TO IMPROVE SANITATION Supporting communities to leverage funds from the government, then working together to build toilets, sinks and other means of staying clean and safe from disease
    • EDUCATING COMMUNITIES TO MAKE BEST USE OF SCARCE WATER AND IMPROVE SANITATION Educating parents and children so they know how to capture and keep drinking water, use it wisely & improve hygiene
    • EMPOWERING COMMUNITIES TO DEVELOP WAYS TO EARN A LIVING Providing the means to make a living, eg growing fruit and fodder which will improve diets but can also be sold or bartered
    • SUPPORTING COMMUNITIES IN WATER EMERGENCIES Where our communities are in water crisis, stepping in to give them the means to get back on their feet with dignity
  • Overview

    Established: January 1987

    Registered Charity Number: 1127564

    Board members: 7

    Full time staff: 5

    Part time staff: 2

    Volunteers: 15

    Phone number: 01962 832 692

    Address: Unit 48, Basepoint, 1 Winnall Valley Road, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 0LD

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