Children's Hospital Trust South Africa

Children's Hospital Trust South Africa

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Children's Hospital Trust South Africa

The Children's Hospital Trust South Africa in the UK exists to support the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa to maintain this world class facility.

Founded 2006

  • Mission statement

    The hospital is the only facility specialising in treating children in sub-Saharan Africa and as such treats sick children from all over the continent as well as functioning as a local hospital for the children of Cape Town. Patients come from poor, marginalised communities and more than a third of the patients are under a year old. The hospital treats over 250,000 patients annually. It is affectionately known as the ‘Great Ormond Street’ of Africa.

    Worldwide Centre of Excellence and Research
    As a centre of excellence in paediatric medicine and surgery, Red Cross Children’s Hospital also functions as a training centre for qualified doctors from other African countries who are specialising in paediatrics. In the developing world a much larger percentage of the population are children and they are hardest hit by the combination of poverty and disease so training doctors to treat them is essential.

  • Aims

    Children's Hospital Trust South Africa aims to:

    • The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital is the only specialist hospital in southern Africa dedicated entirely to the care of sick children and children’s health. The Hospital is a public tertiary and secondary level referral hospital, which also provides critical training for medical professionals, and performs research into childhood illnesses. Seriously ill patients are referred from all over Africa for medical intervention from the dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to heal and cure. A third of the patients are under one year old and sadly often spend weeks or months in their hospital beds. Since 1994, the Children’s Hospital Trust has been fundraising for this incredible Hospital, to improve facilities and provide medical professionals and nursing staff with the facilities and tools they need to save thousands of lives every year.
  • Overview

    Established: October 2006

    Registered Charity Number: 1121573

    Board members: 7

    Part time staff: 1

    Volunteers: 25

    Phone number: 020 8144 9833

    Address: 32 Leppoc Road London SW4 9LT

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  • Breathe Easy Programme

    The Red Cross Children’s Hospital is the only facility in sub-Saharan Africa currently o... More