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AMUR is a British and Russian registered charity which aims to raise money and awareness to help increase the numbers of Amur tigers and leopards living in the wild in the Russian Far East.

There are only 35 Amur leopards living in the wild today – their habit is a small area in the Russian Far East. There are about 450 adult Amur (known formerly as Siberian) tigers in the same geographical location which is the east of Russia on the borders of China and North Korea.

AMUR is working with a variety of partners in the Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance (ALTA) which is made up of the conservation agencies contributing to the preservation of these big cats, including the Zoological Society of London, Moscow Zoo, the International Fund for Animal Welfare and Phoenix. Our aim is to keep the current populations safe with methods such as anti-poaching teams and fire-fighting work to protect the habitat whilst at the same time putting into place methods to start to increase the cat numbers. We are working towards possible reintroduction of Amur leopards from zoo bred stock whilst putting in place effective veterinary support to reduce the impact of disease etc.

We have recently shown that our conservation work is effective because by working together in this unique grouping of ALTA we are efficient with our limited resources and our results speak for themselves. Russia is the only tiger state that has kept tiger (and leopard) numbers stable for the past 10 years.

Founded 2001

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