Charity information


Disability Challengers give 1,300 disabled children and young people each year a chance to play, challenge their impairments and develop vital skills. We are a lifeline to families in the South-East.

Founded 1979

  • Mission statement

    We are here to provide a broad range of play, leisure, respite and short-breaks thus giving support to disabled children and young people, their family and their friends.

    In Disability Challengers dream world, every child gets the chance to play. But they don’t.

    Play is fun, relaxing and creative; it is where you learn important life skills for your adult life. But thousands of disabled children miss out on this vital part of childhood every day. Through our exciting play and youth schemes we help over 1,300 disabled children and young people across the South East to challenge their impairments and have fun with their friends. And whilst they are happy and safe with us, their parents and families can enjoy an important short break from the constant cycle of care.

    In our dream world disabled and non-disabled children play together. Because playing together is the most powerful way for children to understand each other and grow up with naturally inclusive attitudes. Over time this will erode the devastating problem of social isolation and exclusion experienced by disabled people and their families.

  • Aims

    Challengers aims to:

    • To create an atmosphere where self-expression, co-operation, learning and sharing are encouraged, nurtured and supported.
    • To never exclude a child on the grounds of the severity of their impairment and not to set geographical limits - leisure opportunities for disabled young people are few and seldom local.
    • To provide suitable care for disabled children and young people whatever their impairment with appropriate knowledge, skill, competence, initiative and sensitivity.
    • To positively discriminate in favour of disabled young people while inequality of provision exists.
    • To enable disabled children and young people to challenge their impairments through Play in a stimulating and safe environment.
  • Overview

    Established: October 1979

    Registered Charity Number: 1095134

    Board members: 13

    Full time staff: 19

    Part time staff: 470

    Volunteers: 75

    Phone number: 07787 540422

    Address: Stoke Park GU1 1TU

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