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ThePromise works to improve the lives of disabled children in Russia by promoting a system of support (Portage) for disabled children in partnership with families and carers and by encouraging a more positive attitude to disability.

Our pioneering work focuses on training and supporting teams of Portage workers in two orphanages in the Ryazan region of Russia and one in the community working with families with disabled children in their own homes in Ryazan city.

Portage is a system of one to one early childhood education used successfully with disabled children in many parts of the world. The success of this model of early intervention in Ryazan has been breathtaking.

Founded 2003

  • Mission statement

    Our Vision is a world where children with disabilities can achieve the best possible quality of life.

    Our Values are:

    * The right of all children to lead a fulfilling life
    * The right of people to determine and develop their own future
    * All children should be valued for their unique qualities
    * Working in partnership

  • Aims

    ThePromise aims to:

    • establish a National Portage Association in Russia which would develop and maintain an agreed Code of Practice and monitor and accredit quality Portage services throughout the country.
    • provide additional therapies to children receiving Portage such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and supplementary feeding, integrating multi-disciplinary support into each child's programme.
    • make available information about Portage to parents/carers, Russian authorities, institutions and NGOs.
    • support a portage service in the Ryazan oblast both within state run institutions and the community.
    • publish a range of training materials in English and Russian to enable more Portage workers to be trained and to train more Russian trainers so courses can be in Russian using Russian materials.
  • Overview

    Established: July 2003

    Registered Charity Number: 1098771

    Board members: 4

    Part time staff: 2

    Volunteers: 10

    Phone number: 0208 123 3290

    Address: 52 Sherland Road Twickenham London TW1 4HD

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