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Bridport Museum Trust

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Bridport Museum Trust

Bridport is a vibrant market to owing much of its existence to the historic rope & net industry that still flourishes in the town. The 1966 World Cup net was made here along with the rigging for the HMS Victory and the majority of the hangman’s nooses used in England. The town still has a flourishing trade making sports nets for, among other venues, Wimbledon, as well as all of the cargo and safety nets for companies such as British aerospace. This industry, surprisingly, still has a not inconsiderable out-worker supply base in the town and is one of the largest employers.

Are main objectives are

• To promote and protect the heritage of Bridport and the surrounding area.

• To engage both the local population and visitors with the fascinating heritage of

• To provide the best possible access to the collection in the Museum’s care.

• To inspire the wider public to further study.