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Zambia Orphans Aid UK

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Zambia Orphans Aid UK

Zambia has 1. 2 million orphans out of an est. Population of just 16. 7 million. Many orphans and other vulnerable children are surviving on less that US$1 a day and are not in school. ZOA-UK believes in a world where all children are able to achieve their potential. We create lasting change for vulnerable children and youth in Zambia by empowering community-based partners to provide them with a quality education and social support that helps to break the cycle of poverty in their families.

Founded 2006

  • Mission statement

    We empower communities by working collaboratively with local community groups and schools to help them meet the needs of their orphans, vulnerable children and youth. Our work includes:
    - Educational support so that impoverished children can attend school
    - Helping impoverished youths we have supported through school to gain vocational skills at college or university
    - Helping partners to develop small businesses that generate an income that can be used to support children in need in their communities
    - School feeding programmes in deprived areas to improve attendance and attainment
    - Developing the facilities of community schools to create quality learning environments
    - Funding psycho-social support to ensure children remain in school and are able to achieve their potential

    Our community-based partners find it difficult to attract funding from other sources, so ZOA works with them to encourage the to develop other income streams. We can make a small amount of money go a very long way.

  • Aims

    Zambia Orphans Aid UK aims to:

    • Assisting orphans and vulnerable children to complete their schooling in a country where school books, uniforms and tuition fees are a major burden for families, leaving many children out of school.
    • Funding community partners so they can generate more income through business and agricultural projects, profits from which can be used to meet the basic needs of impoverished children.
    • Helping ZOA-supported school leavers to acquire skills for the world of work by funding scholarships for vocational colleges and university courses.
  • Overview

    Established: July 2006

    Registered Charity Number: 1145721

    Board members: 10

    Part time staff: 3

    Volunteers: 9

    Phone number: 01223 890162

    Address: 2A Nine Chimneys Lane Balsham Cambs CB21 4ES

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  • Supporting community schools in Zambia

    ZOA-UK will work with 3 impoverished communities to help them to educate and feed orphans ... More