Consortium for Street Children

Consortium for Street Children

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Consortium for Street Children

The mission of the Consortium for Street Children is to improve the lives of street children worldwide in the areas of prevention and early intervention, HIV/AIDS, violence, street child-centred education, and child participation and empowerment by:

- Creating a global network of organisations dedicated to the rights; development, and protection of street children and children at risk of taking to the streets;

- Pooling resources, implementing joint projects, and sharing promising practices;

- Making grants available to our smaller member organisations and their overseas partners;

- Carrying out action research on various issues related to street children;

- Piloting innovative projects with our members or other partners;

- Influencing policymakers at international and national levels;

- Strengthening the capacity of our members through training in child protection, participatory learning and action methodologies, organisation development, and a rights-based approach to working with street children; and,

- Raising public awareness of the challenges faced by street children, as well as the opportunities for their development.

We believe that by working towards this we will achieve our vision of a world in which children will have a voice and be protected from abuse and neglect.