The Sussex Deaf Association

The Sussex Deaf Association

Charity information

The Sussex Deaf Association

It is the mission of The Sussex Deaf Association:

To provide and assist with the welfare and spiritual needs of Deaf and Deafblind, Deafened and Hard of Hearing people in East and West Sussex to improve their everyday lives. (For the purpose of this Mission Statement deaf means Deaf, Deafened, Deafblind and Hard of Hearing).

To work in partnership with those who share the same mission.

To collaborate with local and national authorities in carrying out their statutory obligations towards deaf people.

To aim to achieve a better quality of life for deaf persons and assist them to obtain equal access to services provided by other organisations and local or national authorities.

To give advice and guidance to deaf persons on personal problems and in connection with any service which appears to be available to them and of which they wish to take advantage of, whether provided under any enactment or provided by any voluntary service.

To collaborate with Social Workers of local and national authorities in ensuring that visits are made to deaf persons who reside in East and West Sussex who are in any kind of need, whether at home, in hospital or elsewhere.

To take such steps as are practical in consultation with the appropriate authorities to assist any deaf persons to receive and retain employment such job for which he/she appears to be suited and which he/she is desirous of obtaining.

To co-operate and liaise with the educational departments of the local authorities in securing educational facilities especially for adult and deaf people.

To provide, where possible, facilities and advice which will encourage deaf people to organise their own social and recreational activities.

To publicise the problems and needs of deaf persons and change the attitudes and behaviour towards deaf people by raising awareness in the communities of East and West Sussex by providing information concerning these issues.

To assist in arranging interpreters or communicators wherever possible, or support with the accessing of the services required from provider.

To enable access to materials such as printed matter, books, leaflets, newsletters and videos, where possible, to deaf persons to assist in instruction of dealing with issues and matters they may encounter in respect of personal or working matters.