Charity information


The charity strives for the continued development of improving lifestyles for disabled people and their families by attempting to create more inclusive societies.
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Founded 1972

  • Mission statement

    DMF attempts to promote social inclusion and equality for disabled people. The needs of people with physical disability,learning difficulties and sensory impairments are addressed. DMF also addresses the importance of supporting carers, friends and relatives of disabled people who play an active part in helping to improve their lifestyles.
    DMF (through the efforts of their Vice-president, Peter Lyne)are developing a project entitled Abledrive. Refer www. Abledrive. Co. Uk Although only recently launched, the website has already gained prominent results on Google. Abledrive has been funded totally out of the limited personal financial resources of Peter Lyne and has not received any support from development grants. Abledrive is now attracting the attention of certain regional and central government funded organisations as well as continuing to create networking opportunities for regional and national charitable organisations.
    Although initially concentrating on motoring support solutions, it is intended that Abledrive will promote other issues of interest to disabled people in the future, such as healthcare, leisure, tourism, recreation and education, however, funding is the major barrier to success.
    Opportunities do exist for commercial organisations to establish relationships with the DMF and the Abledrive project to promote a varied and beneficial range of products and services.

  • Aims


    • To network with central and local government organisations as well as with many other charities within the healthcare sector
    • Improving lifestylesof disabled people through the development of more inclusive and equal societies.
    • To continue to increase the levels of national and international awareness which the federation is beginning to receive through effective networking.
  • Overview

    Established: May 1972

    Registered Charity Number: 1012874

    Board members: 4

    Part time staff: 4

    Volunteers: 4

    Phone number: 07774 405734

    Address: 21,Beverley Gardens, Thingwall, Wirral CH61 7XU

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