Charity information


Dadswork is a charity which was set up in its current form since February 2005 and is currently funded by BBC Children in Need for 3 years, which ends February 2008.

Dadswork was set up on the back of a research document called “Lads becoming dads” a study that was researched to determine what support was available for men who had become fathers or who were fathers already.
It was found that most of the support available was geared to the female carers; in effect no support was available for men in this area.

Dadswork secured small amounts of funding to pilot a dads group with 5 men attending regularly and consistently for a long period of time.

This encouraged the attending fathers and professionals to set up a steering group to look at further development and funding of Dadswork.
Dadswork registered as a charity and secured £70,000 from BBC Children in Need at the end of November 2004.

Dadswork then employed a Project Coordinator and a Male Parent Development Worker
To develop the service and respond to the needs of the male parents who were referred by Social work, health or self referral.

Dadswork currently employs 2 workers a Project Coordinator @ 20hours and a Male Parent Development Worker @ 16 hours per week.

Dadswork offers a weekly drop in support group, home outreach service, 1-1 support.

The aim of Dadswork is to reduce isolation and increase self esteem and confidence, promote healthy parenting both emotionally and physically, raise skills of the men as fathers.

We also in addition offer Positive Parenting Classes, Budgetting your Money, Anger Management and Positive Thinking and increasing self esteem.

We also offer to all the families to which we support the opportunity to attend 5 family outings throughout the year with a chance to meet and increase friendships. We also offer 10 families the opportunity to attend a week long holiday once a year. The families who attend this holiday fundraise to the meet the cost of this holiday.

Any male who is a father is eligible to attend and receive support from Dadswork.

Dadswork wants to sustain its current service and develop further in East Lothian and reach the other fathers in this area who require support.

The service provision currently is based in First Step Community Project in Musselburgh East Lothian.

We run most of our service provision from here although we do and have offered services from other areas in East Lothian.

The project is currently and will continue to be managed by a Management Committee made up from service users and professionals.

The Project Coordinator is line managed by a local Health Practioner and the Project Coordinator line manages the Male Parent Development Worker.
The treasurer is a local professional from a local community Mental Health Project.
The Chair, Secretary and Vice chair are positions held by service users.

As stated the identified need for this project is that we are nearing the end of a very successful 3yr funded project, we are consistently receiving referrals from Social Work, Health and Self Referrals.

We believe that we are currently only scratching the surface of men in East Lothian that require support in being a father.

Dadswork is currently the only organisation that supports fathers and children of all ages although there are projects similar in Edinburgh although only work with children under 3years and their fathers.

We also place our need on the continuity of fathers that require our service and as a result we have had families that require no further social work involvement due to the input Dadswork has with the fathers and their families.


To target and help 250 male parents over five years.

1. 40 fathers will demonstrate improved self esteem and increased confidence by attending regular support meetings with support worker. ( end of first year and annually thereafter)
2. 40 fathers will demonstrate improved self esteem and increased confidence by monitoring from initial referral contact to taking part in occasional group events. ( end of year 1 and annually thereafter)
3. 35 fathers will demonstrate improved self esteem and increased confidence through positive feed back of their experience of group membership and other activities involving engaging with their children and others( year I and annually)
4. 24 fathers will demonstrate improved self esteem and increased confidence by moving from initial referral contact to full and active membership of regular group( year 1 and annually)
5. 5 fathers will demonstrate improved self esteem and increased confidence by moving from initial referral contact to helping to organise/ fundraise for group events(year 1 and annually)
6. 5 fathers will demonstrate improved self esteem and increased confidence by moving from group membership to becoming a member of Dadswork management committee with office bearing responsibility(end year1 and annually)

Valuation to be carried out through questionnaires after each activity/event.

Regular group/1-1 work assessed using a validated psychometric tool such as the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale (WEMWBS) to be implemented on first contact and regular intervals thereafter.

Staff will be monitored and assessed by peer group and by independent mentor.

An assessment will be made also using the figures of attendance and regularity of usage.