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Aged 19, Meg was diagnosed with a brain tumour, just as she was beginning life at university. Meg has been fortunate – her tumour was successfully resected in Boston, USA. Brainstrust enabled her to seek the treatment she needed and the prognosis for Meg is now excellent.

Since Meg’s diagnosis, we have discovered that there isn’t much ‘out there’ in terms of coordinated support. Brainstrust is dedicated to improving clinical care for brain tumour sufferers and providing co-ordinated support in their search for treatment. We provide support at the point of diagnosis, by updating treatment, improving care and, ultimately, saving lives.

brainstrust does this by

•Campaigning and advocacy
•Securing care pathways for patients
•Supporting patients and their families
•Providing much needed technology
•Funding research which has direct impact on clinical outcomes.

brainstrust is proactive, not reactive, and is addressing the lack of UK wide strategy for the treatment of, and research into, brain cancer. We explore the availability of treatment – worldwide.

Founded 2006

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