Bone Cancer Research Trust

Bone Cancer Research Trust

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Bone Cancer Research Trust

The Bone Cancer Research Trust funds research into Primary Bone Cancer; provides information and offers support to people affected by Primary Bone Cancer.

We fund research that can improve outcomes for patients so consider research applications from a wide variety of perspectives. We currently provide ‘pump priming’ grants that might initiate or support work that could lead to more substantial applications to other funders, although it is our aim to be in a position to offer larger grants in the not too distant future.

Our website provides patients and families with information relating to primary bone cancer and is a valuable resource to people wanting to learn more about the condition, treatment and living with the effects of bone cancer.

We are also developing a support network, whereby patients and parents offer support to people who have recently been affected by bone cancer.

We hold an annual patients and supporter’s conference which provides people affected by bone cancer with information, support and updates on developments in research that we have funded.

Founded 2005