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  • Mission statement

    The Archway Project’s mission is to educate disadvantaged young people and empower them with the life skills necessary to make informed and positive choices about their futures.

    Through education, training, advice and guidance we prepare these young people to be able to better cope with their environment and to make a positive contribution to society.

    We endeavour to minimise the disadvantages that the young people have to surmount in order to make constructive decisions regarding their futures.

    Through its work Archway seeks to benefit all in the community:

    At the individual level, the life opportunities of the young people attending our courses are improved. We offer the opportunity for our course members to increase their training and employment opportunities

    From the parent/carer standpoint, we provide support for them in dealing with their, often, difficult children. Additionally, we are regularly involved in developing specific programmes for individual young people, in conjunction with parent/carers and schools.

    From a society perspective, we are able to demonstrate that there is an inverse relationship between a young person’s involvement with Archway and their involvement with the police. Furthermore, the radical improvement in the child’s ability to cope with its environment that we achieve enhances the quality of life for everyone.

  • Aims

    Archway Project aims to:

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  • Overview

    Registered Charity Number: 1118485

    Phone number: 0208 310 1730

    Address: Arch B, The Link Thamesmead, Bazzalgette Way, London SE2 9BS

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