The Zone Youth Project

The Zone Youth Project

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The Zone Youth Project

The Zone aims to meet young people of Nottingham on the streets, in schools and in youth centres. Work is targetted to the most deprived areas of the city, areas of low educational achievement, high rates of teenage pregnancy and high levels of anti social behaviour and crime. Young people are engaged through a process of relationship building where dialogue and conversation are central facets to our work. This is to ensure that the young people feel that they not just have a safe place to come to and activities to enjoy but also a place to be able to build up relationships, have someone to trust and to talk to and someone who will get to know them for who they are, rather than just as labelled groups.
Young people can be involved to whatever level they would like to be, from attending drop-in youth clubs to accessing specialist young person health provision to being involved in accreditation work, peer education work and youth forums. We try to be as flexible as possible to the needs of young people, and to be able to provide activities and projects that they are interested in. We have street outreach workers who walk round the street aiming to engage young people wherem they are at, and a lifeskills programme which is targetted at young people for whom the education system isn't working.

We are looking for funding to continue the work of the street outreach workers, and for a new project we are investigating of running youth cafes in high street locations, which will be a mixture of a youth drop-in facility and training provision for young people to attend training in catering and business management. The core funds of the project, such as rent costs, support staff and overheads is also being sought to ensure the long term future of the project.

Founded 1994

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