Charity information


We are JDRF, the type 1 diabetes charity.
We exist to find the cure for the 400,000 people in the UK living with this condition. We are the world's leading charitable funder of type 1 diabetes research.
We will create a world without type 1. Until that day comes, we give support to people with type 1 and their families and we speak out on behalf of people with type 1, to accelerate progress towards the cure.

Founded 1986

  • Mission statement

    JDRF exists to cure, treat and prevent type 1 diabetes and its complications through the support of medical research. We also help educate those affected by the disease, healthcare professionals and the general public.

    JDRF in the UK is one of the affiliates of JDRF International, which was first established in the United States in 1970. Today there are seven affiliates in all and each operates independently. However all our research follows the same strategy, and together we fund only the best work into type 1, wherever in the world it takes place.

  • Aims

    JDRF aims to:

    • We aim to find new ways to treat type 1 diabetes and its complications, prevent type 1 from developing and find the cure for people who already have the condition.
    • Through JDRF’s education initiatives, we aim to raise awareness and understanding of type 1 amongst healthcare professionals, schools and the general public.
    • We also aim to raise the profile of type 1 amongst the media, government and decision makers; pushing it up the political agenda in order to secure more funding for research into the condition.
  • Overview

    Established: September 1986

    Registered Charity Number: 295716

    Board members: 10

    Full time staff: 55

    Part time staff: 5

    Volunteers: 400

    Phone number: 020 7713 2030

    Address: 17/18 Angel GateCity Road London EC1V 2PT

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