Lambeth Mediation Service

Lambeth Mediation Service

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Lambeth Mediation Service


  • Mission statement

    Lambeth Mediation Service (LMS) aims to reduce conflict by helping people who live and work in Lambeth to resolve their disputes peacefully. LMS also aims to spread the ideas that inform our work within and beyond our local area.

    Our mission is to promote for the public benefit - predominantly but not exclusively in the London Borough of Lambeth - the provision of services directed towards mediation and conciliation between persons, organisations and groups who are involved in dispute or inter-personal conflict. Especially where that dispute or conflict results from or may lead to acts of nuisance, vandalism, racial abuse or breach of the peace.

    LMS also aims to advance the education of the public, especially in the London Borough of Lambeth, in methods of mediation and conciliation and the nature and causes of conflict and dispute and methods of managing it.

  • Overview

    Registered Charity Number: 1120238

    Phone number: 020 8678 6046

    Address: 1 Barrhill Road, Streatham Hill SW2 4RJ

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