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Woodcraft Folk

Woodcraft Folk is the co-operative children and young people's movement. Our volunteers run hundreds of grassroots education groups, camps and international exchanges for young people of all ages.

  • Mission statement

    The Woodcraft Folk is a charity for children and young people. Working with them in weekly, volunteer-led meetings we help them understand the world around them through co-operative games and activities. We focus on peace, sustainability, friendship and co-operation, and we have strong international connections across Europe, Latin America and Asia.

    Young people are at the heart of our work, and we are proud of the way in which they lead our organisation. Twenty-five percent of the places in the Trustee Board are reserved for under-25s, but in practice at least 50% of our Trustees fall into that category. We are committed to the engagement and empowerment of young people from every background enabling them to become active, engaged citizens from the earliest possible age.

  • Aims

    Woodcraft Folk aims to:

    • Young people engage in social action in their communities, learning to work co-operatively and to live in harmony with other people and the planet.
  • Overview

    Registered Charity Number: 1148195

    Phone number: 020 7703 4173

    Address: Unit 9, 83 Crampton Street SE17 3BQ

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