CAMDA - Cambridge Mongolia Development Appeal

CAMDA - Cambridge Mongolia Development Appeal

Charity information

CAMDA - Cambridge Mongolia Development Appeal

Mongolia's herders make up a third of the population. It's a fragile way of life amidst extreme weather, droughts, and desertification. Our aid helps meet their essential needs of water and fodder.

Founded 2001

  • Mission statement

    We are a small, voluntarily-run charity operating solely in Mongolia, a developing country. Aid goes to low income herder families for whom herding is their only way of life accounting for around a third of the population

    It is a huge country, vulnerable to extreme weather. Climate change brings more challenges to this fragile lifestyle, with water shortages becoming more common. Half the population are dependent on livestock and its byproducts, such as cashmere, leather and dairy products, but it's tough trying to maintain a living by herding in remote areas where summer droughts and long, severe winters are commonplace.

    While hard even to those accustomed to it, those with small herds are more vulnerable as livestock losses affect them more greatly, and any help to mitigate this improves their prospects. Their crucial needs of water and fodder are addressed by our Well Project and by provision of grass cutting equipment.

    Our aid helps improve livelihoods and reinforce the futures of Mongolia's nomad families.

  • Aims

    CAMDA - Cambridge Mongolia Development Appeal aims to:

    • To raise living standards of Mongolia's poorer herder families, helping provide them with a more sustainable, dependable lifestyle. Their only alternative is a life in alien, jobless urban conditions
  • Overview

    Established: May 2001

    Registered Charity Number: 1086778

    Board members: 6

    Volunteers: 1

    Phone number: 01353 649015

    Address: 5 Watsons Lane, Little Thetford, Ely, Cambs CB6 3HE

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