Awards for Young Musicians

Awards for Young Musicians

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Awards for Young Musicians

We work across the UK and across genres to help enable musically talented young people from lower income families overcome the barriers they face to progressing in their music making and fulfilling their potential. We combine individual funding, mentoring and other musical/performance opportunities for young musicians with helping to improve the wider environment for their progression through professional development, advocacy and research initiatives.

Founded 1998

  • Mission statement

    We exist because we believe that all musically talented young people – not just those from well off families – should have the opportunity to develop their talent. Many of these young musicians are struggling to meet the prohibitive cost of fulfilling their potential. Our job is to ensure that these young people can continue to make music, by providing vital financial backing and also supplying the opportunities and encouragement that give them the confidence to progress. We depend on donations from people who understand these young musicians’ needs and want to do something about it. Without help, their future in music could be over before it even begins.

    What do we do to help these young people? We run two funding programmes, Awards and Furthering Talent, in conjunction with our Mentoring programme, through which young musicians are given access to new creative experiences, inspiration and ideas via the support of both individual professional musicians and musical organisations, working across genres. We also tackle other barriers to young people’s progression through our programme of training and film resources for music leaders, Music Teacher Support. Finally, we work with colleagues to improve the progression environment for young musicians through our Advocacy and Research work: we’re currently hosting the influential and England wide Musical Progressions Roundtables.

  • Aims

    Awards for Young Musicians aims to:

    • Help young people with exceptional musical talent from low-income families overcome the barriers they face to fulfilling their potential.
    • Provide bespoke support for each of the young people we help through funding, mentoring, access to new creative opportunities, inspiration and advice.
    • Collaborate with our partners across the UK to help improve the environment in which talented young people can progress, from CPD support for teachers to influencing national music education policy.
  • Overview

    Established: August 1998

    Registered Charity Number: 1070994

    Board members: 9

    Full time staff: 2

    Volunteers: 50

    Phone number: 0117 9049906

    Address: PO Box 2754Bristol BS4 9DA

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  • Awards Programme

    Young people with musical talent from low-income families are struggling against the odds ... More