Rural Community Action Nottinghamshire

Rural Community Action Nottinghamshire

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Rural Community Action Nottinghamshire

Rural Community Action Nottinghamshire (RCAN) is an independent voluntary organisation which exists to promote the social and economic wellbeing of rural communities. We encourage networking by individuals and groups and act as an ‘umbrella‘ for small rural groups. We help projects and extended services in the community by working in partnership with statutory and voluntary organisations. We support the resourcefulness of local people in local areas and raise the rural voice by actively campaigning on behalf of local communities.

Founded 1924

  • Mission statement

    The vision for Rural Community Action Nottinghamshire is for thriving, sustainable and cohesive rural communities in Nottinghamshire.

    In order to help achieve this our mission statement is:-
    Rural Community Action Nottinghamshire will work with all key stakeholders to identify rural needs in Nottinghamshire.
    Working in partnership with rural stakeholders we will address those needs by
    • Raising the rural voice
    • Providing leadership, guidance and facilitating change
    • Developing and promoting community leadership and empowerment
    • Developing services which address gaps in provision
    • Encouraging enterprise and innovation

    Our particular areas of expertise include:

    Rural intelligence: Utilising our primary link with rural communities to provide research, information and consultancy over a wide range of rural issues alongside events management, marketing, design and web services.

    Community Planning: Specialists in whole community consultation, design statements and 'Planning for Real'.

    Community Support: Working directly with rural residents and groups to bring about real change in communities.

    Transport and Access: Removing barriers to jobs, services, learning and leisure through activities, influence and advocacy.

    Health: Promoting and supporting healthy rural communities through projects, education and promotion.

    Economic regeneration: Supporting rural businesses and business people and encouraging enterprise and innovation for long term community growth.

    Environment: Helping communities to plan for a changing climate and respond to future challenges.

    Regional rural policy influence: Advocating on behalf of rural communities at policy level.

  • Aims

    Rural Community Action Nottinghamshire aims to:

    • Working directly with rural residents and groups to bring about real change in communities
  • Overview

    Established: April 1924

    Registered Charity Number: 519405

    Phone number: 01623 727600

    Address: Newstead Centre, Tilford Road, Newstead, Notts, NG15 0BS

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