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The ability to communicate is a fundamental life skill, unpinning almost everything that we do. In the UK today however, over a million children face difficulties with communication. Without the ability to express themselves effectively or understand others, these children struggle to learn, achieve, make friends and interact with the world around them. Life becomes extremely distressing, frustrating and lonely. The even greater tragedy is that because communication difficulties are often mislabelled or not noticed many of these children are not getting the vital support that would enable them to make progress and thrive.

I CAN is the children’s communication charity. I CAN’s mission is to ensure no child who struggles to communicate is left out or left behind. We help children directly through our specialist schools, assessment centres and network of accredited nurseries. We also develop interventions that schools can use to identify children who struggle and help them to progress and train teachers and others who work with children. Our awareness raising is focussed on improving understanding, and our campaigning work is focussed on breaking down the barriers families face in getting the help their children need to join in and learn.

Our vision is a world where all children and young people who struggle to communicate receive the help they need so that they can have a happy childhood, make progress at school and reach their potential.

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