Charity information


The Council for British Archaeology is an education charity. The established voice for archaeology, we are equally at home championing volunteers in a muddy field or lobbying MPs in Westminster.

Founded 1944

  • Mission statement

    Our vision is Archaeology for all: by 2020 everyone will know how they can enjoy, understand and care for the historic environment – and why it matters.

    The Council for British Archaeology is a UK-wide, non-profit making charity, nationally influential for almost 70 years as a champion of public interest in archaeology.

    At the Council for British Archaeology we believe passionately that what archaeology can do is fundamental to society. We are dedicated to Making Archaeology Matter.

    Archaeology matters, because most of human history has no written record, only physical remains.

    Archaeology matters, because appreciating this legacy contributes to our sense of who we are in our communities and as a nation.

    Archaeology matters, because it benefits the economy through tourism and heritage-related regeneration.

    And archaeology matters, because it enriches our lives: millions of people enjoy discovering the past. Archaeology is exciting and fun.

    We are a growing membership organisation serving people of all ages and organisations. We provide links with a wide range of communities and networks, working with children and adults from diverse backgrounds.

  • Aims


    • Strengthen advocacy by raising awareness at all levels of the public benefits of engaging with archaeology and the historic environment.
    • Over the next 5 years we will double our membership and strengthen our role as archaeology’s public champion. We are an environmental charity whose only allegiances are to archaeology and the public.
    • Develop sustainability by campaigning for action to ensure sustainability for the historic environment and to combat the effects of climate change.
    • Enhance discovery by delivery a rich range of resources and information about archaeology.
    • Increase participation by supporting innovative projects to enable wider public participation in discovering and protecting the UK’s historic environment
  • Overview

    Established: March 1944

    Registered Charity Number: 287815

    Board members: 15

    Full time staff: 12

    Part time staff: 7

    Volunteers: 700

    Phone number: 01904 671417

    Address: Beatrice De Cardi House,66 Bootham,York, YO30 7BZ

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