Skylight Circus Arts

Skylight Circus Arts

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Skylight Circus Arts

Skylight Circus Arts aims to empower individuals and communities through the learning, practice and discipline of physical circus skills.

We promote healthy bodies through improving coordination, fitness, strength, flexibility and stamina and healthy minds through improving concentration, teamwork, communication, setting and achieving targets, self-image and self-esteem, the joy of achieving skills and the freedom to play.

Circus Skills can be taught or explored as a one-off experience, a short course, or on a regular basis in the context of life-long learning for hobby or career. Once they have been mastered, circus skills can become Circus Arts.

Circus Arts can be performed on the street, on stage, at parties, on cruise ships, at huge festivals or in your living room.

We believe Circus:

* has no limits, anything is possible, imagination rules.
* is not bound by convention, anything can happen and often it does.
* can be magical, fun, beautiful, serious, sad, dangerous, funny, animated, dramatic and daring. It can tell stories or it can be pure art. It can raise serious issues, tackle them and find the humour in them.
* does not exclude, anyone is welcome and everyone is included.
* is colourful and exciting. It is never boring.
* is not constrained by language, it speaks of human endeavor, the will to thrive, to succeed, to improve, to excel, to overcome obstacles, to work together and to laugh through tears.
* is not just for children, it plays to the child in all of us.