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Think Children

Think Children is an effective, highly-valued local charity supporting vulnerable young children aged 4-11 years old with emerging social, emotional or behavioural issues across Nottinghamshire.

We provide early intervention at the onset of the problem with low level, low key, non-stigmatising 1:1 school-based support for children who fall below the threshold for statutory intervention and for whom often there is often little or no other help available.

Founded 1984

  • Mission statement

    Think Children helps vulnerable children living in Nottinghamshire aged 4-11 who are displaying signs of emerging social, emotional or behavioural issues. These are often children living in areas of high social need. We provide early intervention at the onset of the problem with low level, low key, and non-stigmatising community based help.

    We offer the child an opportunity, through play, to use the safety of the imaginary world to relive, explore and experiment with painful or confusing issues from their real world. Although we can’t change the circumstances in which some of these children live or take away the problems they have to deal with, the one to one sessions allow them to release pent up emotions, clarify how they see their situation and move on with new coping skills.

    We want to:-
    Help children to become more emotionally secure and confident.
    Support children with behavioural difficulties, helping them remain in school when they face exclusion.
    Help children develop positive relationships and to become less defensive and more open.
    Help children cope better with anger and aggressive feelings.
    Encourage children to become more capable of self direction and feel more in control, helping them to break away from engrained social attitudes.

    Children who are in crisis struggling with issues affecting their mental health need immediate help; please help us to provide the early intervention needed to prevent their problems from escalating out of control.

  • Aims

    Think Children aims to:

    • In order to continue to fill a gap in services before issues get worse and harder to solve for local children in need, Think Children must continually raise funds to sustain this vital service.
  • Overview

    Established: November 1984

    Registered Charity Number: 1146301

    Board members: 11

    Full time staff: 1

    Part time staff: 16

    Volunteers: 11

    Phone number: 01636 676887

    Address: 10 Albert Street, Newark, Notts NG24 1SD NG24 1SD

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