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South East Dance

Generating exceptional experiences in dance

South East Dance is the national development agency for dance in South East England.

Our Vision: South East Dance aims to generate exceptional experiences in dance for all. Artists are the driving force behind South East Dance. They inform, shape and lead our work. We engage with inspiring artists to generate exceptional dance experiences for audiences, participants and other artists.

Our mission is to ensure a thriving ecology for dance in the South East. We work to enhance the conditions for more, bolder and better dance to take place in the region. We aim to raise the profile and quality of dance, working in collaboration with partners to realise the potential of the artform we passionately believe can make a major contribution to our society. Artists and communities are at the heart of all we do. We will listen to, challenge and champion their needs and aspirations.

Strategic Aims and Objectives
•To increase access to dance
•To increase participation in dance
•To raise the profile of dance
•To provide artistic and strategic leadership for dance
•To encourage learning and workforce development in dance
•To operate an effective dance organisation

Programme Areas
Our work falls under 5 programme areas:

Artist Development Programme: comprising of 4 core strands that aim to meet the development needs and provide a range of support for dance artists at various stages in their careers.

Expanding Platforms & Audiences: providing a place for dance research, incubation and development that in the longer term might generate new and exciting ways of reaching more people through dance.

Building Communities: aiming to broaden the reach of South East Dance and directly increase participation in dance. Building Communities will engage specifically with targeted groups/members of the community.

Raising the Game: advocating for, and developing the infrastructure for dance within and beyond the South East.

Commissions & Presentation: working in partnership to commission and/or present work that we feel to be innovative, risk taking and/or brings new audiences to dance.

Founded 1997