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Changing Faces

Changing Faces

  • Mission statement

    Changing Faces exists to create a better future for people with disfigurements - an estimated 1. 3 million in the UK, of whom 542,000 have facial disfigurements. We live in a world that places a great deal of emphasis on appearance and are constantly surrounded by images and messages that equate good looks with success, popularity and happiness. This can challenge anyone’s self-confidence but, for people with disfigurements, who get stared at, avoided, asked curious questions, patronised, called names, even ridiculed on a daily basis, the effect can be cumulatively shattering. Far too many people with disfigurements end up isolated, without jobs, with few relationships, stigmatised, depressed and – in extreme cases – contemplating suicide.

    There is currently little or no access to specialist support, advice and information through local health and social care services and we provide practical help to bridge this gap. We are also disseminating our model of best practice as widely as possible, so that psychological and social support will become routinely available throughout the UK. We want to ensure that policy and practice in health, education and employment take account of the discrimination that they can encounter and to make people more aware of their often unwitting prejudice and negativity towards those affected.

  • Overview

    Registered Charity Number: 1011222

    Phone number: 0345 4500 275

    Address: The Squire Centre 33-37 University Street London WC1E 6JN

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