Newton-le-Willows Family & Community Association

Newton-le-Willows Family & Community Association

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Newton-le-Willows Family & Community Association

The Newton-le-Willows Family and Community Association have successfully been running a busy Community Centre since 1987. The Centre has, since its creation, been managed and staffed by local people, for local people and is a registered charity. It is a Community Centre in the true sense of the word. People of all ages, abilities, and from all walks of life play an active role within the Centre. Their involvement promotes personal development, self-esteem, and self-confidence and ultimately increases the probability of long-term employment.

The Community Centre is situated in an area of high deprivation and unemployment that has received Single Regeneration Budget status from Central Government via St Helens MBC.

The primary aims of the Association are to: -

* Improve the quality of life for the residents of Newton-le-Willows
* Provide services and resources that will support the area and individuals.
* Develop community spirit and responsibility by encouraging local people to participate in
the management and day to day running of the Centre.
* Identify the needs of the area and devise ways in which the Association can respond to those needs

The Centre is open from 9. 00 a. M. To 9. 00 p. M. Weekdays, 10. 00 a. M. - 4. 00p. M. On Saturdays and opens on a Sunday as and when required. The use of the Centre is wide and varied, ranging from pre-school groups to groups that involve elderly people. Between 800 and 1000 people visit the Centre on a weekly basis and in 2005 the Centre had almost 38,000 visits.

The work we undertake and the service we provide has been recognised i. E. :-
We received the first ever Active Citizenship award (from St. Helens CVS) for “ outstanding commitment and contribution”.
St. Helens Healthy Living Programme - “The St Helens Healthy Living Programme Quality Mark” supports partners through a self-assessment process to assess how effective their service is. This includes how well they work in Partnership; share good practice & promote healthy lifestyles through activities & information. Partners achieving the certificate have demonstrated that they have fully met the criteria & are effective in these and other areas & have supplied the relevant evidence. We were the first organisation in the borough to receive this award.
The Primary Care Trust - Positive Mental Award for the work the Association has undertaken to de-stigmatise and de-mystify mental health and peoples attitudes towards it. We were one of the first organisations in the Borough to receive this award.
Rosie Winterton MP, the then Minister for health, visited the Centre in 2004 and was amazed at the work we do -given our limited resources.
Lord Falconer was also impressed when he visited us in 2001.

Founded 1984

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