Health Poverty Action (formerly Health Unlimited)

Health Poverty Action (formerly Health Unlimited)

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Health Poverty Action (formerly Health Unlimited)

Health Poverty Action works with the world's poorest communities - those missing out on mainstream aid. We help mothers give birth safely and their children thrive, prevent the spread of diseases like HIV and malaria and challenge the injustices of poverty and poor health.

It is said that prevention is better than cure. That's why we believe in the power of education to stop health problems happening. Examples include our award-winning radio soaps educating people on issues such as HIV (one of which has become the most popular radio show in East Africa).

Poverty and poor health are inseparable. Our comprehensive approach strengthens health services and addresses underlying causes of poor health such as water, sanitation and nutrition. At the same time we campaign to change the systems that perpetuate poverty. We want to 'cure' the lack of healthcare - not just stick a plaster over the problem.

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